2023 International Conference on Materials Science and Intelligent Manufacturing (MSIM 2023)
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2023 International Conference on Materials Science and Intelligent Manufacturing (MSIM2023will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Materials Science and Engineering


1.Electronic and Magnetic Materials 

2. Ceramic and Glass Materials 

3. Coupling of Multiple Ferroic Order Parameters 

4. Crystal Defect Engineering 

5. Crystallographic Domain Engineering 

6. Domain Microstructure Evolution 

7. Domain Size Effect, Grain Size Effect, Small Particles, Thin Films 

8. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology 

9. Ferroic and Inter-ferroic Phase Transformations 

10. Fundamentals and Characterization 

11. Giant Magnetostrictive Materials and Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys 

12. Kinetic Pathways of Phase Transformation and Domain Switching 

13. Magnetic Materials 

14. Materials Chemistry 

15. Multiferroic Materials and Composites 

16. Nanotechnology and Materials 

17. Shape Memory Alloys and Martensites

18. Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering 



















智能制造.png Intelligent Manufacturing


1. Modeling and Design  

2. Intelligent Systems  

3. Intelligent mechatronics  

4. Micro-Machining Technology  

5. Advanced Manufacturing Technology  

6. Sustainable Production

7. Rapid Manufacturing

8. Digital Manufacturing (CAx, CAPP, MES, DES, etc.)  

9. Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment  

10. Integrated Manufacturing System  

11. Engineering Optimization  

12. Quality Monitoring and Control of the Manufacturing Process   

13. Manufacturing E-commerce System  

14. System Analysis and Industrial Engineering  

15. Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application  

16. Modeling, analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes  Collaborative and Digital Manufacturing for Advancing Product Quality

17. Testing, measuring, monitoring and controlling of manufacturing processes

1. 建模和设计

2. 智能系统

3. 智能机电一体化

4. 微加工技术

5. 先进制造技术

6. 可持续生产

7. 快速制造

8. 数字化制造(CAx、CAPP、MES、DES等)

9. 微电子封装技术与设备

10. 集成制造系统

11. 工程优化

12. 生产过程的质量监控

13. 制造业电子商务系统

14. 系统分析和工业工程

15. 制造系统和工业应用

16. 制造过程的建模、分析和仿真

17. 制造过程的测试、测量、监视和控制

Manuscripts passed the peer-review process by expert reviewers from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) (ISSN:1742-6596). The published papers will then be submitted to EI Compendex, Scopus,  for abstracting/indexing. 

Submission Guidelines

1.The submitted papers must not be previously published or currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

2.Please send the full paper(Word+pdf) to the conference SUBMISSION SYSTEM

3.Please submit the full paper, if presentation and publication are both needed.

4.Please submit the abstract only, if you just want to make presentations.

5.Templates download: Templates

6.Should you have any questions, or you need any materials in English, please contact us at luxueyi@ais.cn


1) Both Abstracts and Full Papers are welcomed. The author can make an oral presentation after the Abstract is accepted and the payment is made.

2) All submitted articles should report original results, experimental or theoretical, not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. All articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtue of any academics. Hence, any act of plagiarism or other misconduct is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.